Videos are essential for entertainment, sports, education, and any other special occasion that needs a lifelike capture. Since video editing services have significantly impacted our lives, it's no surprise that digital video editing services, including video post-production, have become so popular.

Images Infotech is among the leading companies offering video editing services. We provide unparalleled services at cost-effective rates. Our services provide the transformation that can make your unfinished or minimally edited videos appear polished, arresting, and goal-oriented.

Outsource Our Wide range of Professional Video Editing Services

Look no further for top-of-the-line video editing and post-production services. With over a decade of experience in the editing industry, Images Infotech offers video editing services to photographers, advertising agencies, photo studios, corporations, and more. At Images Infotech, we have the tools and know-how to quickly edit and produce professional videos from any kind of raw video.

We can help you if you have a lot of video footage in any format (AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, etc.) and need help combining scenes, rearranging video, removing offensive material, sequencing the shots, and more. We enhance your existing video footage and give it a polished appearance by adding music/sound, text/headlines, subtitles, voice-overs, special effects, creative tilting, animations, and transitions.

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Our Services

Color Correction

Video quality is improved by adjusting colors, hues, contrasts, color temperatures, white balance, brightness, shadow detail, highlights, and saturation. Even though some parts of the video are well-shot, others are dull, which lowers the overall video quality.

Background Noise Removal

The majority of video content typically has jerky images, distracting background noises, and other undesirable elements. In order to produce distinctive, expert videos, we remove unwanted elements.

Shot Sequencing

In order to create captivating property videos that play without a hitch, our professional video editors sequence shots that are not properly sequenced in the raw footage provided by the client.

Recovery and Enhancement

Are you concerned that a video clip you desperately need is only available in the outmoded VHS format and is also in poor condition? If you're dealing with distorted video data, on the other hand, you can breathe a sigh of relief because our cutting-edge recovery and enhancement services are at your disposal.

To ensure that the exclusive video content on your VHS or any other legacy device is recovered in the best possible way, we use the most cutting-edge software and data recovery techniques. This ensures that you get what you need with much more clarity and impact when combined with our video enhancement service. In order to further improve and digitize the videos, we also work on the colors, contrast, and audio recovery.

Additional Effects

We can help if you want to improve or add special effects to your videos. To help you captivate audiences, our video editors improve your footage with special effects, transitions, music, and sound.

Defective Pixel Correction

The video quality suffers if the camera used to record it has bad pixels. Our image editors at O2I fix these flaws and deliver spotless, premium videos in high resolution.

Stabilizing Drone Footage

Our goal is to ensure smooth, clear, high-resolution videos by stabilizing shaky footage.

Background Score

We at Images Infotech are skilled with the most recent video creation software, and we can enhance videos with lower thirds or background music.

Basic Editing

Our basic video editing services are ideal if all you want is to create a trimmed, orderly, and sequenced video from your raw video data. Our video editing service has affordable rates that are ideal for new business owners or professionals operating on a tight budget.

We take the time to fully comprehend your precise needs for editing video footage as well as the desired results before presenting our fundamental video editing services.

Effects and Enrichments

Our effects and enrichment services could be exactly what you need if you want to give your videos that extra something to make them stand out from the crowd and connect with your potential viewers.

We spruce up your videos with the right effects and enrichment features, such as subtitling to make your videos accessible to a wider audience, adding sound effects to make them more dramatic and impactful, adding voice-over to overcome language barriers, selective and general noise reduction to create more clean videos, adding animations, and using 2D and 3D effects to create more realistic and impactful online videos faster and without any physical interactions.

Corporate Videos

Utilize videos to draw attention and become visible to your intended audience. Making and editing promotional videos, training videos, product demonstration videos, instructional videos, and videos that capture key moments from a recent conference or meeting are our areas of expertise.

Testimonial Videos

Want to establish credibility so that customers will believe in you and your brand? By hearing about your current and former clients' experiences, you can make them feel at home. We edit testimonial videos that promote your business and bring in new clients.

Social Media Videos

Why not take advantage of the fact that social media platforms prefer videos to text content or visual images? Every social media platform has a recommended video size, which we take into consideration when editing videos.

Wedding Videos

Our team of video editors at Brand Beavers is qualified to handle your responsibility of editing wedding videos. If you don't have the time or energy to complete the work yourself, feel free to give it to us and we'll finish it for you. With us, your video turns into timeless musings.

Instructor & Online Courses Videos

We can edit videos, write subtitles, add screens where needed, and create professional videos for you if you're a teacher, online trainer, or gym instructor. Increase the student's ability to learn by involving them with visual videos.

Benefits of Outsourcing Video Editing Services to Images Infotech

The advantages that Images Infotech provides to its international clients are numerous and include careful attention to detail, dedication to high quality, reasonable prices, and more. In every project we work on, we aim for excellence. The advantages of hiring Images Infotech include for video editing services are enlisted below:

Processes for ensuring quality deliverables - Images Infotech complies with stringent ISO standards to complete each project on schedule and within budget.

Short Deadlines - Our timelines are strictly based on the complexity of the project, and the deadline may change depending on the caliber and length of the footage that the client supplies. We make every effort to deliver the finished product well before the scheduled delivery date.

Impressive Data Security - Images Infotech places a high priority on data security. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are used to guarantee.

Quality Assurance - To ensure that standards are met, we conduct quality checks at each stage of the video snipping process. We also collaborate with the client to review and maintain the requirements throughout a project.

Customized Pricing - We offer options for hourly rates, per-project rates, and FTE (full-time equivalent) rates to fit the scope of the project and overall budget. Learn more about the cost of video sniping.

Using artistic sensibility

We spend time learning about your niche before making even the first cut. After that, our talented editors use their artistic sensibility to match your video's style to the characteristics of your target audience.

At Images Infotech, we edit almost anything from wedding videos to explainer animated videos. Choose Images Infotech and try our professional video editing services. Call or email today, and get a free quote within one business day.

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