Virtual Furniture is the addition of images of REAL furniture to photos of empty or cluttered rooms using advanced editing techniques. IIFT we understand the importance of a single transaction in the real estate industry. It is very common that a lucrative deal is lost only because the client is unsure of the look-and-feel of the interiors once furnished. No doubts that in current time, virtual staging can be used effectively in real estate industry by giving them a virtual feel through digitally furnished units.

Virtual staging services edit room images to add or subtract furniture and d├ęcor to make a home more inviting to buyers. Virtual staging services require images or renderings to be sent to staging designers who then edit those images/renderings either with input from realtors or, in most cases, according to their own design aesthetic. We use the newest 3-dimensional rendering technologies to effectively render realistic physical dimensions of a property.

Render Realistic Housing Interiors:

To find prospective buyers and ensure successful real estate deals, showcasing images of houses with furnished interiors is essential which IIFL handles.

Help buyers visualize their personal choice:

IIFT, real estate sellers can simply express their need and we will be able to furnish the property using custom furniture and embellishment available with us.

Define Accurate Sizing and Placements:

At Photo Editing Services India our editing experts, can transform a simple photo of an empty room into a fully furnished home for prospective customers with proper defined angles, lighting, shapes, textures, colors, proportions and placements

Provide Photorealistic-Quality Images:

Our virtual home staging services help in transforming real estate images into attractive, influential and realistic pictures. The photos created by our virtual staging service experts enable buyers to get better idea on actual look of different rooms and enhance chances of sale for sellers.

Our Virtual Staging Customers:

Real Estate Developers and Agents
Manufacturers and Retailers of Furniture and Furnishings
Interior Decoration Agencies and Interior Designers
Fashion Magazines and Studio Decorations
Architecture Magazines

The benefit of using Virtual Furniture:

Dramatically increases sales prices
Significantly quickens selling times
Generates more open-house viewings
Impresses clients
Upgrades your brand and website
Creates HUGE savings compared to home-styling.

What you need to do:

Provide us with the images of the house that needs to be staged
Choose from our extensive gallery of furniture images or give us your own
Tell us about your target market and the kind of look you are aiming for
Approve, and use your beautifully styled and staged home images

When successfully utilized, staging services allow real estate agents to present a home in its most attractive form, encouraging potential clients to consider, tour, and ultimately buy properties that are being promoted.

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